Hello! We’re the community for people leading social media strategy for recruiting, employer branding, culture, and employee engagement at major corporations.

For your senior social media decision-makers

You already have great agencies, consultants, and vendors on call. But the one thing you’re missing is the unbiased and unfiltered advice from experienced social media leaders like you.

That’s what SocialMedia.org Talent does. We’re like an association, but just the parts you love: the peer-to-peer sharing and the support from the people leading social recruiting strategy at major corporations like you.

We’re people like you, with jobs like yours (and problems like yours), at organizations like yours.

We’re 100% major companies only — no vendors

Every member leads a major company’s social media program for talent development, culture, and recruiting. No vendors, no agencies, no small businesses, and no consultants are allowed.

We screen everyone to ensure they’re a senior-level decision maker. That means everyone you meet — every single person — will be someone who understands the challenges you face.

You’ll get honest answers to the questions you can’t ask anywhere else.

You’ll get answers in real time

We’re talking about things that are important to you right now, because you control the conversation. When a crisis hits, when new technology emerges, when you have an urgent question — we’re talking about it immediately.

You’ll get answers that are off the record

Our strict confidentiality rules mean members share openly, knowing their conversations are completely private. The result is unfiltered, unbiased, straightforward answers — answers you’ll never get from industry publications, conferences, or a consultant’s report.

You’ll get answers from people who have been there and done that

Everyone is an experienced social media leader who knows what you’re going through and wants to help. You won’t find theoretical ideas, just real-world advice from people running a program like yours.

What you get: Simple, efficient collaboration that helps you be better at your job.

Membership includes participation for your senior leaders using social media for talent

For most companies, that’s three to five participants. We screen every member, and no junior staff are allowed.

Participation is easy and designed for your busy schedule

You’ll participate in conversations online, on the phone, and at our meetings. You’ll do it when it’s convenient for you, on your schedule. Membership requires very little time commitment, yet it delivers incredible value.

Every conversation is useful and relevant

You’ll never be distracted by off-topic conversations, because we’re intense moderators. We have an entire team of people dedicated to making sure the messages you get — each and every one of them — is relevant to you.

What you really get: A community of people who want to help you be a great leader.

You’ll get credibility and confidence

As a member, you’ll get external validation for your strategy, you’ll benchmark your program with other major companies, and you’ll never be caught by surprise when a crisis hits.

You’ll reduce your risk

Membership significantly reduces the four types of risk you face: hiring the wrong vendors, being caught off guard when the social media rules change, starting new projects, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

You’ll get a community of peers

We’ll connect you with a group of people who actually want to help you succeed. They’ll help you run a better program, grow as a leader, and deal with the challenges of an industry that’s constantly changing.

We’re the community who helps you win.

Running social media for talent development, culture, and recruiting can be a lonely, high-profile, and high-risk job. But when you’re a member, we’ve got your back. When times are good, we’ll be there to help you celebrate. When things aren’t going so great, we’ll be there to help you through it.

We’re all in this together.

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