Mini Member Meeting

May 16, 2018 • New York

Private, Confidential, and Invite-Only

Get answers to tough questions you can’t discuss anywhere else (and a preview of the membership experience) in one quick afternoon.

Join us for a few hours of great, off-the-record discussions with people like you — people who lead talent acquisition and employer brand in the social space at major corporations.

This is a sample of our bigger, more in-depth Member Meetings. Prospective members get to experience the incredibly valuable discussions we have, and members get an extra session of great conversations.

What’s Special Here

1. Conversations that Actually Matter

We’ll talk about the important issues that you’re facing as a talent acquisition and employer brand leader. Bring the tough problems you’re trying to solve and the questions you can’t ask anywhere else.

2. Only Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Leaders at Major Brands Allowed

Only people leading social media strategy for recruiting, employer branding, culture, and employee engagement at a major corporation. No vendors, no agencies, and no sponsors. Every participant is hand-screened.

3. Honest, Candid, and Valuable

Because everything is off the record, we’ll quickly get to the “real” answers and advice you can’t get from other sources. You must sign a confidentiality agreement to participate, but you’ll quickly see why more than 300 major brands have done the same.

What’s Happening at this Meeting

Three Kinds of Incredible Conversations


Member-chosen, member-led peer-to-peer discussions on the hottest issues of the moment.

Large-Group Discussion

We’ll dig deep as a big group into one big idea. For this meeting, our topic will be announced soon.

Breakfast Discussion

Meals aren’t just breaks — they’re formal parts of the program where some of the best conversations happen.

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