Member Meeting 2

May 16-17 • New York

Conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

Wednesday, May 16



12:00 PM Opening Discussion with Lunch
Get here on time and grab a seat at the table. This sit-down lunch is your first opportunity to meet all of the great social media leaders you’ll get to know at Member Meeting 2.
12:50 PM Choose Your Show & Tell Talk and Head to the Room

Show & Tells

1:00 PM Show & Tell

Speaker Coming Soon!

1:30 PM Switch Rooms
1:45 PM Show & Tell

Speaker Coming Soon!

2:15 PM Switch Rooms
2:30 PM Show & Tell

Speaker Coming Soon!

3:00 PM Snack Break
3:30 PM Show & Tell

Speaker Coming soon!

4:00 PM Switch Rooms
4:15 PM Show & Tell

Speaker Coming Soon!

Time to unwind and make friends!

5:00 PM Member Dinner

Following our afternoon of conversations and Show & Tell talks, we’ll all go out for a fantastic dinner together. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow members before a big day of brainstorming, discussion, and collaboration.

Thursday, May 17


Rise and Shine!

8:00 AM Opening Discussions with Breakfast
The conversations over coffee and eggs at this event are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour. You’ll want to be here bright and early (and on time).

Member-Led Discussions

9:00 AM Member-Led Discussions

We break into small groups where members host short conversations on topics they’ve volunteered to lead. These are discussions, not lectures.

9:30 AM Break
9:40 AM Member-Led Discussions

Topics coming soon

10:10 AM Snack Break
10:40 AM Member-Led Discussions

Topics coming soon

11:10 AM Break
11:20 AM Member-Led Discussions

Topics coming soon

11:50 AM Head to Lunch

Let’s Eat!

12:00 PM Lunch Discussions


1:00 PM Unconference Introduction

Unconferences are fast-paced, peer-to-peer discussions where you suggest discussion topics, vote for your favorites, and join the conversations that interest you most. This is where you drive the agenda in real time and talk about the things you want to talk about.

1:10 PM Unconference Round 1
1:40 PM Break
1:50 PM Unconference Round 2
2:20 PM Snack Break
2:50 PM Unconference Round 3
3:20 PM Break
3:30 PM Unconference Round 4

See you next time!

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