Member Nomination Talent is the community for people who lead social media for talent development, culture, and recruiting at major brands.

The Application Process

When you make a nomination, you represent that the nominee is a senior decision maker with substantial professional experience and social media sophistication. They are ready to represent your brand to a group of senior leaders.

Please let them know that the process takes up to two weeks and fewer than 60% of nominees are accepted into the community (and only 20% below the manager level).

How it works:

  • All reviews are discreet. We will only communicate with you and the nominee.
  • As we review the qualifications, we may contact you with further questions, and we may interview the nominee.
  • There is no expedited process. We can’t fast-track someone just to get them into an upcoming meeting.
  • We’ll notify you if the nominee isn’t accepted.
  • If a nominee is accepted, congratulations! We’ll begin our process to welcome them into Talent. After orientation and confidentiality agreements are complete, they will have full access to the community.

Member Nomination Form


Q: When I submit the form, what happens next?

When you submit the nomination form, we’ll begin reviewing your nominee’s qualifications. We may reach out to you and/or the nominee to set up a call to learn more about the nominee’s work history and role in your organization. We will only communicate with you and the nominee.

Q: Aren’t members guaranteed seven seats?

No, there is no guarantee of seven participants — there is a maximum of seven. Every participant must be qualified. Most member companies only have three or four qualified individuals.

Q: By these standards, am I the only one from my organization who qualifies for the community?

If so, you’re not alone. We have many members who have tiny social media leadership teams — including teams of one. Often, we find the smaller your leadership team, the more you benefit from a group of fellow leaders like this.

Q: We have a flat org chart, does that mean we’re all qualified? Or all disqualified?

Titles and organizational structure are only a portion of what we look at when determining qualifications. We know it’s different for every organization, and titles can be misleading. However, we’ll hold everyone to the same standard and only allow individuals who are decision makers with professional experience and social media sophistication. In rare cases, it may be necessary to move membership up to a higher level in the organization.

Q: My junior staff would get a lot out of this, why can’t they participate?

We respect your goal of getting the best possible resources for your team — but training and helping them learn social media leadership isn’t what we do. And frankly, they wouldn’t have a good experience. When they ask a good-but-tactical type of question, nobody answers — because it’s a group of strategy leaders. It wastes the junior staffer’s time and leaves them just as frustrated as everyone else in the group.

Q: I have a young superstar on my team. I’m prepping them for leadership. Can they join?

Nobody can join until they’re established in a leadership role. If everyone brought their future leaders, everybody would be listening and nobody would be participating, and the value of the community would drop substantially. Think about it: Do you want to sit in a meeting with everybody else’s management trainee?

Q: But, I really need a place to train my team, and Talent is so valuable. Can’t I bring people to listen and learn?

There is a new generation of social media talent that is critical to the success of big organizations. It would be fantastic if there was a group for them. But it’s not Talent.

It’s equally important that there’s a group to serve high-level leaders. Where they can talk with other leaders about issues like these. That’s what we do — and it’s an important, vital service.

We can’t be both a leadership group and a broad-based trade group for everyone else. We would fail at both, and our model only works for small, senior-level groups.

Our purpose is to serve you, and the other people at the top. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a group like this that serves the rest of your team, but we can’t do that effectively.

Q: Why is membership limited to people based in North America and English speakers?

Everything this group does is based on real-time conversations. In the early days, when we had a global membership, members in different time zones had a substantially worse experience because they weren’t a part of the real-time conversation. And when their contributions came in hours later, it distracted from the conversation happening the next day.

Similarly, we learned that during live conversations, less-fluent contributors caused a substantial pause in the flow of the conversation, making it harder for everyone to get value, including the contributor. Overseas and non-English-speaking members just didn’t have good membership experiences.