Membership Criteria

The most important service we provide is giving you a community of carefully screened companies and individuals.

Every potential member and member organization are hand-vetted to ensure they’ll add value to the community.

The nomination process takes up to two weeks, and nobody can participate until they’ve completed the full process.

This is what you pay for.

We thank you for your patience when going through the process — and you can rest assured that every other member and member organization goes through the exact same process. This is how we’re able to create such a valuable community.

How It Works

Each membership includes up to seven seats — but very few organizations fill all of them.

We include up to seven seats with your membership to give you plenty of room for your strategic social media leaders — but most organizations only have three or four qualified individuals.

Seats are not guaranteed and you are not required (or expected) to fill all of them.

All individuals are screened, and each of them must independently meet the membership criteria. Approximately 50% of all nominees are offered a seat in the community.

The nomination process can take up to two weeks.

When the Chair of a member organization submits a nomination for their roster, here’s what happens:

  1. A community manager will perform an initial screening — this includes reviewing their role and responsibilities at the organization, as well as their professional history. This may also include conversations with the Chair or the nominee to learn more.
  2. The nominee is passed along to our internal nomination committee (comprised of staff — members are never asked to judge other members) where the team reviews the information, asks questions of the community manager, and decides whether or not the individual will be offered a seat or not.
  3. All nominees are unable to participate until the vetting is complete. This includes participating in private member events — and we do not rush this process to accommodate event registrations.

Membership Requirements

Our members are making high-level strategic decisions, driving corporate strategy, creating policies, and leading the social media charge at the world’s greatest hospitals. The advanced conversations in our community reflect the challenges and issues that come with these roles.

Organization Requirements

All organizations are vetted before they are allowed to join the community.

To become a member organization, a hospital must meet these standards:

  • Hospitals only: Members must be major hospitals. Vendors, agencies, consultants, or anyone selling social media services are not allowed to participate.
  • Sophisticated in social media: Members must have well-established social media programs, senior teams, and industry knowledge to share.
  • Ethical, generous, and kind: Members must be trustworthy and uphold the highest standards of social media ethics.
  • North American-based and English-speaking: Member activities happen during U.S. business hours in English.

Member Requirements

Individual participation is limited to the decision-makers on social media strategy or policy who control budgets and vendors, and staff report to them. We look for:

  • Social media leadership: They’re a decision-maker on enterprise social media strategy or policy. When a crisis happens, they’re fielding those “middle of the night” calls and they’re at the table determining the response.
  • Senior responsibilities: They control budgets and often have staff reporting to them. They determine which vendors to hire, how to staff and structure their teams, and how to earn buy-in and support from their hospital’s leadership team.
  • Strong professional history: They have at least five years of professional experience in a role or field directly related to social media, and they have proven experience of working alongside other strategic decision-makers at major hospitals.


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