If you’re running social media strategy for talent development, culture, and recruiting, you belong in this family.

Join the community that helps you get answers you can’t get anywhere else.

We share best practices, actionable advice, and solutions to the you-won’t-believe-this challenges that come with your job.

While everyone is selling you solutions and campaigns, we’re talking about the stuff you need to do your job better — things like which vendors to hire, how to create your strategy, how to build your team, managing interdepartmental issues, and measuring results.

We’re here to help you be great at your job.

When you’re a member, you’ll get:

  • A membership for your organization in our private, exclusive community
  • A vendor-free community — no agencies, consultants, vendors, or salespeople allowed
  • An instant advisory board of people with the same jobs as you, facing the same challenges as you
  • Fast answers to the tough questions you can’t ask anywhere else
  • Peers to help you navigate the internal corporate issues that come with running social talent and recruiting strategy at a large organization
  • A place to ask about vendors before signing big contracts
  • The ability to benchmark your program against other big brands
  • Trusted advice and practical ideas you can actually use

Every member is a decision maker with substantial professional experience and social media sophistication.

Your day-to-day is dedicated to helping your team, your brand, and the public. This is the only place dedicated to helping you. As a leader, you need a place where leaders can help each other — without your team, bosses, or vendors listening in. SocialMedia.org Talent is the one resource where leaders like you take care of each other.

It’s all made possible because we’re focused on four big ideas:

100% vendor free

We’re the place where you can share unfiltered, honest, and straightforward advice. No vendors, agencies, small businesses, or consultants are allowed to participate — ever.

Incredible, efficient collaboration

We share in real time through email, calls, and collaborative meetings. Participation is easy and designed for your busy schedule.

Amazing service

We have the best staff-to-member ratio of any membership organization you’ll find. The result is zero clutter, great conversations, and the incredible membership experience you deserve.

Great benefits

We’ll help you avoid risks, get market intelligence, benchmark your program, and screen vendors. We’ll help you be a great leader, and we’ll never upsell you — because everything’s included.

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