We keep participation simple so you can get the answers you need and get back to work.

Everything we do is designed with your busy schedule in mind.

Zero wasted time.

You’ll participate when you want, when it’s convenient for you.

You don’t need more meetings and added responsibilities. Our community is designed to save you time, not waste it.

You’ll never be asked to serve on a committee. You’ll never be asked to help with a study or a report. You’ll never be asked to recruit other members.

Getting answers is fast and easy.

When you have a question, you’ll pop it in an email to the group and you’ll get an answer in minutes. When it’s something deep or pressing, we’ll hop on a call together. When it’s a big issue, we’ll all get together for one fast and intense meeting to talk it through in person.

We’re here when you need us, and we’re out of the way when you don’t.

We give you the tools to connect with people like you — when it’s convenient for you. One email could save you weeks of headaches on a project. One 30-minute call could help you see how a dozen other big brands are handling the same issue. One deep-dive meeting with 49 other leaders could fill a notebook with ideas to help you throughout the year.

Every conversation is relevant because we’re intense moderators.

As a member, you’ll never be distracted by off-topic conversations. We have a dedicated moderator for every 40 member organizations. They make sure the messages you get — each and every one of them — is relevant to you.

We collaborate in four simple ways.

Member Meetings: We get together in person at live meetings to dive deep into the big issues. Our meetings provide an incredibly productive, candid, and fun forum to collaborate and learn together. This is a unique opportunity to work face-to-face with other leaders at major companies.

Calls: We hop on the phone for a real-time conversation about the hot topic on everyone’s mind, a behind-the-scenes look at a member’s program, or simply for a chance to pick each others’ brains. These aren’t presentations or webinars — just great conversations among members.

Email Discussions: Ask a question, start a conversation, or share an idea with other big brand social media leaders on our email discussion list. You’ll get real-time, actionable ideas from dozens of social media leaders in the community. Answers will come within minutes, and the typical conversation starts and finishes in an hour.

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