Delivering amazing member experiences is our one and only job.

We have a team of 20 full-time staff dedicated to running this community.

Our team are experts at what they do. They wake up and go to bed each day thinking about how to help you have great conversations with social media leaders like you.

We believe the work they do is a full-time job for trained professionals, not a hobby for moonlighting consultants or part-time volunteers.

No robots. We’re real people who are here to take care of you.

We’ve built a team that can deliver the membership experience you deserve:

  • We have more than 20 employees focused on Talent.
  • We average one community manager for every 40 members (try comparing that to any other community you’re a member of).
  • Every member of the staff is a full-time professional (there are no volunteer moderators or contract staffers).

This is all we do.

We don’t sell other products. We don’t offer other services. We don’t sell sponsorships. We’re not consultants. We’ll never upsell you.

We do one thing: We create an incredible community that helps you do your job better.

This commitment is our secret sauce — and it’s the reason why our original members are back for their ninth year.

We leave it all on the field.

We have to thrill you to stay in business, because there’s no safety net of product sales or sponsors subsidizing the organization.

Other groups will constantly try to up-sell you reports, consulting, trade show booths, and a seemingly infinite list of other services. They don’t care as much about the membership experience, because that’s not where they make their money.

But at Talent, everything we do is focused on creating a great experience for you.

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