What you really get as a SocialMedia.org Talent member is the ongoing support of a community of people who want to help you win.

You have a tough job. We’ll help you be great at it.

Whether you fought to run social media strategy for talent development, culture, and recruiting — or it landed in your lap with a thud — being a leader is hard work. Everyone has an opinion, everyone’s got a solution to sell, and all eyes are on you.

We know what that’s like, because we’re all facing the same issues, and we’re all frustrated by the same just-when-we-had-it-figured-out moments.

Crises will still pop up. The rules are still going to change on you unexpectedly. You’re still going to get emails forwarded to you with random requests from some article that was just published

But when you’re a member, you have a whole bunch of smart people to lean on.

We’re a community of people who get you and support you.

At times, it can feel downright lonely when the whole organization is looking at you to lead social media. But it’s also an amazing opportunity that can change an organization for the better — forever. It’s a special role, led by special people who believe in the social media movement.

When you’re a member, you’re surrounded by people who understand this work and the challenges you face. We’re the family you never knew you were missing.

You’ll sleep better at night.

The best part? You can stop worrying about the unknowns. You can stop putting your job on the line for vendors you’re not 100% sure about. You can stop being surprised in meetings by news that broke while you were busy dealing with yesterday’s breaking news.

Being a member of our family makes running social recruiting more fun, less stressful, and less risky. Join SocialMedia.org Talent and get back to doing the work you love.

The four key things membership really gets you:

Better answers

You’ll get fast answers you just can’t get anywhere else. We’re talking about what’s important right now, in real time. Everyone you meet will be someone who has been there, done that — and wants to help.

Less risk

You face four types of risk, and we’ll help you with all of them: hiring the wrong vendors, being caught off guard when the rules change, starting new projects you’ve never done before, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Credibility and confidence

We’ll help you through the uncharted territory. We’ll give you external validation for your strategy, you’ll have the ability to benchmark your program with other organizations, and we’ll keep you in the loop on breaking issues so you’re never caught by surprise.

A community of peers

There aren’t a lot of organizations out there that focus entirely on helping you be better at your job — but we do. You’ll get a whole community of people who know exactly what you’re going through and want to help you win.

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