We’re talking about the things you need to know to be a great social media leader.

Our real-time conversations help you get a little better at your job every day.

We’re talking about what’s happening right now, with people who are actually running social recruiting at big brands. It’s all off the record, it’s all candid and honest, and it’s all without any vendors listening in.

Five things you’ll notice right away:

1. We’re talking about what’s important to you right now.

All of our conversations are immediately relevant because you decide what we talk about. Nothing is pre-planned, canned, or limited to a narrow band of expertise.

Trying to figure out how to adjust your strategy after Google or Facebook changed the rules overnight (again)? Need to get an answer to the legal team who’s asking about those new regulations? Have a big meeting tomorrow and need help preparing for it?

Whatever you need, ask the group and we’ll help you get the answers — today.

2. Everything you’ll learn is from someone who has been there and done that.

Every conversation is useful because it’s with people who have the same jobs as you, facing the same issues as you. There’s no team of writers trying to guess what you’re interested in, and there’s no vendor trying to push their agenda.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, someone else in the group has probably solved it before. You won’t find theoretical answers from a consultant or a proposed plan from an agency — just practical, real-world solutions from people who know what they’re talking about.

3. This is the most senior group of social media leaders in talent development, culture, and recruiting out there.

We screen every single member against strict eligibility requirements. Members must be senior decision makers, have substantial professional experience, and show social media sophistication.

You’ll be a part of an exclusive community where leaders can help each other — without your team, bosses, or vendor listening in.

4. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else.

What happens in SocialMedia.org Talent, stays in SocialMedia.org Talent.

Our strict confidentiality policy means everyone is comfortable sharing all the gritty details openly and candidly. We’re sharing the stories you’ll never hear discussed on a panel or covered in a blog post.

We’re sharing the behind-the-scenes stuff, the off-the-record stuff, and the you-won’t-believe-this stuff. We’re also talking about those internal issues that your agencies and partners just can’t relate to or don’t understand.

This job is just too hard, and nobody is going public with the things they did right and the things they did wrong — but that’s what our conversations are all about. We’re the only place where you get the real story and the real information you need to actually be better at what you do.

5. It’s fast.

You’ll post a question and answers will start coming in within minutes. If you need to go deep on it, we’ll hop on a quick call to talk it out over the phone.

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