You’ll get the credibility and confidence that every leader needs.

External validation for your strategy.

You’ll go from, “Here’s my plan…” to “Here’s my plan based on what a bunch of other major corporations like ours are doing.”

When you’re a member, you’ll be able to back up your strategy with the advice and recommendations of other social media leaders.

You’ll immediately have an instant advisory board of big brands like yours that you can rely on. You’ll compare your plans and strategies with theirs, and you’ll get their input and advice. You’ll be 100% confident when you walk into that meeting with your new strategy.

Benchmark your program with other big brands.

You’ll go from, “I think our numbers look good…” to “Here’s where we stand compared to our peers.”

You’ll be able to peer-benchmark your program to compare your progress, results, and metrics to the other big brands. You’ll learn what they’re measuring, the results they’re seeing, and what they’re working on for the future.

You won’t get this peer benchmarking in the form of out-of-date reports. You’ll do it every day through real-time, member-to-member conversations.

Never be caught by surprise.

You’ll go from, “I missed that news…” to “I’m on it, and here’s how we’re handling it.”

When breaking news hits, our community is talking about it. When the rules change, when a new technology emerges, when a crisis happens — we’re all sharing what we know and how we’re dealing with it.

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