Membership reduces the risk that comes with running social recruiting strategy.

As a social media executive, you face four primary types of risk.

Membership in our community significantly reduces all of them.

1. Vendor risk

When you’re hiring a vendor, you could be putting your career on the line.

Stop betting your job on vendors without getting uprnbiased, honest reviews from people like you first. It’s what we call the “$100,000 reference check.”

When you post your vendor question, you’ll get a bunch of responses within minutes — usually ranging from “we love them” to a helpful “you might want to give me a call.” We’ve even seen members do it while sitting in a vendor pitch.

2. Paradigm risk

No matter how talented you are at running your program, the rules of the social media game are constantly changing. New platforms emerge almost weekly, existing platforms change the rules on you, and new technology and industry innovations keep us all on our toes.

When these changes happen, we’re all starting from scratch again — and we’re immediately talking about it as a big group. As a member, you’ll always know about the latest changes and how other big brands are dealing with them.

3. Project risk

Every new project represents uncharted territory, and each one has pitfalls. You need to talk to other members who know where they are.

The next time you launch something, you’ll be able to ask a community of peers who have been there and done it before — and are happy to share. You’ll instantly find out what worked, what didn’t work, where they ran into trouble, hidden costs, and unexpected obstacles. You’ll avoid all the unknowns that come with new projects.

You’ll never have to start a new social media project without the experience of other organizations who have already done it.

4. Policy risk

Is your program legal? Is it ethical? Are you safe from having the legal team bursting into your office and shutting down your project?

The ethics, rules, and regulations around social media can be hard to wrap your head around. It doesn’t help when there’s an alphabet soup of federal agencies changing the rules as they go. And frankly, nobody knows how everything is going to shake out.

Whatever policy issues you face, our members are talking about it — the moment it happens. We’ll help you figure out new laws, and we’ll even help connect your legal team with other legal teams.

You’ll have an answer before your lawyer even asks.

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